We have been busy this summer working on trail maintenance and improvement projects thanks to funding from the McLeod Lake Mackenzie Community Forest and culvert donations from Conifex Timber Inc. Go to our Trails page to get a full run down on all the amazing improvements that have been done this year, along with photos of the earth works projects!

With ski season approaching we will need a little help to put the final touches on our trails and cabins. We will be organizing a work party in late September to do things like put up our brand new signs and maps, brush trails, and top up the cabins' firewood supply. Keep an eye on this page, or follow us on social media to get updates!

Remember that we are still using a FOB system for using our lights system at the golf course this season. This will help us track our energy costs over the winter. The FOBS have a $10 deposit, just to try and make sure we get them all back at the end of the season (the system is shut down in April, so keeping your fob won't help you much). These fobs can be picked up from Azu Health at 577 Skeena Drive. Check their website for hours: http://www.azuhealth.ca/